Cafe and restaurant equipment

Choose the highest quality used industrial kitchen appliances

Used industrial kitchen appliances

By choosing our used industrial kitchen appliances, you can rest assured you have purchased high-quality and reliable equipment tested by our service technicians.


The highest quality used industrial kitchen appliances

Reliable manufacturers

We offer used appliances from the best manufacturers. Thus, our equipment is reliable and ready to work in high-intensity, fast-paced environments.

Continuous operation

By choosing the highest quality appliances, you know this equipment can always be repaired. Only in the case of the best equipment repair is more affordable than replacing it with a new mid-quality appliance.

Equipment personalization

With our help, you can stand out from other cafes and restaurants. Choose a used appliance, and nenpo experts will personalize it to match your space’s décor.


When purchasing an appliance from us, you can request to have it assembled or installed. That way, you can rest assured the purchased equipment will be properly installed, will work properly, and you will receive the warranty.

Restored industrial kitchen equipment

The best equipment for a lower price

You can buy high-quality equipment for a cafe or restaurant at a price significantly below that of new equipment.Only high-end commercial kitchen appliances guarantee excellent work standards. Professional used appliances work and look like new!

  • 99% of nenpo equipment works reliably
  • 85% of nenpo equipment looks new
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używane wyposażenie gastronomiczne

Offer of industrial kitchen equipment

Top-quality cafe and restaurant equipment prepared by the best nenpo service technicians
Cooking equipment

Combi steamers, ranges, boilers/salamanders, contact grills and grill plates, waffle and pancake makers, boilers, dishwashers, fryers.

używane urządzenia chłodnicze
Refrigeration equipment

Under-counter refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated display cases, merchandising refrigeration, milk coolers, refrigerated tables, salad bars and prep stations.

używane urządzenia mroźnicze
Freezing equipment

Ice cream freezers, under-counter freezers, freezer cabinets, freezer tables, freezer display cabinets, ice cube makers, blast chillers.

używane ekspresy do kawy
Coffee machines and grinders

Espresso machines (single, double and three-group), automatic coffee brewers, pour-over coffee machines and coffee grinders.

Other equipment

Citrus juicers, juicers, granita/slushy machines, blenders, creamers, water purifiers and filters, slicers, microwaves, feeders, GN containers.

używane meble technologiczne
Fabrication and workstations

Stainless steel tables, stainless steel cabinets, built-in bars and hanging shelves, bases, wastebaskets, transport trolleys for trays, faucets.

Assistance in the selection of equipment
Only proven equipment
Attractive prices and conditions
Warranty service
Training in the use of appliances
Technical Support

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