Opening of a food service location step-by-step

Food service assistance - take advantage of our experience and get more than saving time and money
pomoc w wyposażeniu restauracji

With us opening a restaurant is easy

Do you want to start your adventure in the food service industry, but you don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you want to save time when opening a cafe or restaurant? Opening a restaurant doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming if you use the help of nenpo’s experts. We comprehensively manage each project, advise and share our knowledge at every stage of cooperation.

What can you gain?

Lower bills

A custom selection of food service equipment allows for reducing water and energy consumption.

Professional appliances

We advise on selecting the highest quality used and new food service equipment best fitted for the needs and specifications of your business.

Lower maintenance costs

Appliances of the highest quality experience fewer break- and downtimes and their service is more affordable.

Circular model

To work with us is to take a step towards the development of your business in accordance with the assumptions of the circular economy.


How to open a food service business?

Initial costs of opening a food service business

Before formalizing our cooperation, we come with a visit for a comprehensive visual inspection of the location. An in-person meeting allows us to learn your expectations and needs better and set the collaboration conditions, including initial costs.

Adaptation of your location

At the stage of adapting the space, we advise and make a recommendation on key matters related to installations, e.g., electric, water or sewerage. After completing the renovations of the premises, we suggest how to design a cafe or restaurant in the most ergonomic and effective way possible. We take detailed measurements of the entire space and select the most appropriate kitchen and main floor equipment.

Otwarcie lokalu gastronomicznego

Taking over of a food service space

Proper placement of equipment is of great importance when it comes to efficient operation and utilization of the entire space. If you take over an already operating food service space, it is worth adjusting it to suit your needs. We advise how to achieve the best results at the lowest cost, e.g., how to rearrange all the equipment in the kitchen without the need to modify the existing installations.

Selection of equipment to suit your needs

Depending on the size of the space and your budget, we will prepare an offer made out of used or new appliances that will work best in your space.

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What are we guided by?

Business ethics
Equipment cost
Details of the space
Experience of specialists

Used food service equipment

We will create a comprehensive valuation of technological solutions and equipment for you. You will learn how the devices work and how to transport and assemble foodservice equipment. Additionally, you will receive a set of documents containing the most important information about the purchased products. In there, you will also find tips on the correct installation of equipment, manuals and how to service them.

Equipment for food service facilities

We prepare stainless steel fabrications and workstations – countertops, sinks, baskets, cabinets, shelves, drawers, racks, bases, etc., and we design custom housings for equipment from various materials (wood, steel, plexiglass).

Custom design of your space

We assist in the customization of the space – we varnish the devices, identify and select solutions, adjust furniture and lighting. All this work is done in close collaboration with a team of industry experts.

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Implementation and further assistance

Installation of commercial kitchen equipment

We assemble and/or disassemble food service spaces. We assemble the entire kitchen/garden/main space and install and check the equipment for proper operation. Additionally, when installed, we can demonstrate how to properly operate the equipment and offer training sessions for your employees. 


Ongoing equipment service cooperation

When you open a foodservice business with our help, you save a lot of money, reduce stress, and receive ongoing support. We guarantee that all the equipment and appliances we offer work reliably. We take full responsibility for our work. After opening your restaurant or cafe, you can count on our continuous support. Your assigned account manager will ensure a trouble-free operation of all your equipment, e.g., reminding you to inspect and service your equipment periodically.


The benefits of opening a restaurant or cafe

See what you gain by choosing to work

Continuous access to experts
Warranty for used and new equipment
Warranty and post-warranty service
On-site service and beyond
Replacement devices
Spare parts

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