Equipment repair service

Fast and effective repair is what matters the most
serwis urządzeń gastronomicznych

Repair with an outlook for the future

Our equipment repair team is a group of experts who care for thousands of cafes and restaurants around Poland. With the help of our service technicians, one can reduce the costs of running a business and fuel your continued growth.

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nenpo repair service

The highest quality

When repairing or servicing equipment, nenpo service technicians always use original parts or high-quality replacement parts. Replacement parts of the highest quality reduce the risk of future failures and extend the life of an appliance.

Onsite repair

nenpo service technicians always try to repair equipment onsite. This approach speeds up the repair and shortens your business’ operation downtime. If the problem cannot be fixed onsite with, for example, spare parts, we offer a temporary replacement appliance while we repair yours at our facility.

Over-the-phone support

Broken appliances require quick and effective repair. Call us as soon as you notice your equipment is malfunctioning. Before we send a service technician, we can try to resolve your problem over the phone.

Continuous care

Businesses that are under the continuous support of a professional nenpo service enjoy uninterrupted business operations. Additionally, these businesses can use temporary replacement equipment that guarantees operational continuity.

Reliable repair

Highly effective repair service

The equipment we service lasts longer and breaks less frequently. It also gains a new and refreshed look. nenpo service guarantees thorough cleaning and visual restoration. Your equipment will look like new!

Twoje urządzenia gastronomiczne mogą wyglądać jak nowe!

  • 99% repair effectiveness
  • 98% visual restoration of equipment
Quick response to an inquiry
Onsite service
Wide in-stock selection of original parts
Certified service technicians
Constant contact with the customer

We always work as a team

The nenpo service is comprised of reliable service technicians and coordinators. This cooperation guarantees a quick response, diagnosis, accurate appraisals and effective repairs. Our team is at your disposal.

Replacement equipment

Get to know our used industrial kitchen equipment better.

Replacement equipment

Get to know our used industrial kitchen equipment better.

Personalization of appliances

During the nenpo service, we can further improve your appliances

Courier delivery

Do you care about fast nenpo service? You can ship your device via courier.