The Bold Collection

Mazzer coffee grinders in bold colors

Mazzer coffee grinders

What to do with old Mazzer coffee grinders? Give them a new life! We wouldn’t be nenpo if we let them waste away in the warehouse. And so, it began! It started innocently with the Pantone article, which sets color trends for a given year, like the year 2021. We had grinders. We had colors. So we got to work. This is how this bold but sustainable collection was created. The Bold Collection is a display of the circular economy’s power. “What kind of economy,” you ask? Click HERE and everything will be explained. At nenpo, we assume that every high-quality kitchen equipment deserves a second life. That is why we have prepared as many as 5 great models in 9 different colors.




Mazzer coffee grinders

Młynki do kawy Mazzer

Mazzer coffee grinders – reliable models for every barista

The Bold Collection includes the Mini, Super Jolly, Super Jolly Drogheria, Major and Royal. You can adjust the grinding thickness of coffee in all these models. The Mini model is highly compact. The Super Jolly model is slightly larger than the Mini, but its ground coffee tank is only 80 g larger. The Drogheria series is identified by a special clip that allows you to attach a bag or a container to hold ground coffee. The other two models, Major and Royal, are perfect for more demanding spaces. They are equipped with more powerful motors, and their containers can hold up to 360 g of ground coffee. Each grinder has its own unique look, thanks to the housing covered with a very durable, matte varnish in a fashionable color.

The great advantage of Mazzer grinders is that even though they have already been customized, they can be modified further by changing their accessories. Need a different hopper or tamper? No problem! Or maybe you want to add a grinder stand or mount a counter? It’s a piece of cake for us! We will adapt each appliance to your needs.

Mazzer grinders, with their various configurations, are perfect for a cafe, ice cream parlor, bakery or any other place where great coffee is a must. In addition, the Super Jolly and Mini models would also be perfect for your home. So which model do you choose?


A conscious pleasure from preparing coffee

With activities such as renovation, repair and service, we let our planet breathe. We only use the available resources when renovating equipment. This limits the need to mine more resources to build new appliances. That is why the restored grinders are just as valuable as the new ones. Not to forget, cheaper. You are probably wondering how that is even possible? nenpo service technicians take care of every detail. They start with little things, like rusty screws. They then evaluate all mechanical elements and finish off with minor details such as the housing. Thanks to the careful work of our repair service team, the life expectancy of these used appliances is practically the same as in the case of the new equipment. The grinders may not be the “latest edition.” Still, thanks to their simplistic design and lack of electronics, which significantly increase their price and reduce the repair potential, they are easily serviceable! After all, where is the fun of making coffee when everything happens automatically with the touch of a button? Mazzer grinders are a pleasure to prepare coffee with. The Bold Collection models were created for the true lovers of coffee and good style.

Mazzer coffee grinders and their customization for demanding customers

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