Palux kitchen assembly

Palux kitchen


We present one of our projects – kitchen assembly in the Palux and Best CS showroom in Warsaw at Rydygiera Street. Palux is a supplier of high-end kitchen equipment. Each kitchen concept they create has the potential to adapt to future market trends and new customer requirements in the foodservice industry. The entire installation process went smoothly, and the final effect can be seen in the photos.


Kuchnia Żoliborz



The right way to install appliances

The proper functioning of a food-service business can be ensured by the correct assembly and installation of kitchen appliances. Commercial kitchen equipment can be safely installed only in a properly prepared space. Our service technicians know what to pay attention to to protect you and your business against unnecessary expenses. They install appliances only when they are confident everything will work properly.

Kitchen assembly and disassembly at the highest level

When installing appliances, it is essential to check that the electrical and water installations have adequately been set up and the space prepared. During our work, we care about the safety of our service technicians and customers. Installation always takes place following the applicable standards.

Companies such as Relay, Discover, Hubiz, 1 Minute, Hello!, Weranda Bistro, Inmedio, Premium Food Gate, SO! Coffee, The Flame, Chief’s, Furore, Voyage, Business Shark, Flying Bistro, Bread & Co, Misa, Papaya, Costa Coffee, Tchibo, Kawiarnia Czytelnik rely on our assembly and disassembly services.

Order equipment

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