Faema coffee machine

Restoration of appliances


The Faema coffee machine is one example of our renovation skills. The history of this coffee machine dates back to the 70s. The original home of this appliance was a restaurant in an old Spanish house. Fast forward to today, this coffee machine did not work, and its visual condition left much to be desired. Fortunately, the new owner immediately noticed the great potential of the coffee machine and entrusted us with its restoration. Our task was to convert the installation from gas to electric, keeping the original appearance of the coffee machine.




Faema coffee machine

We accepted the challenge. The Faema coffee machine arrived disassembled.

It was apparent at first glance that the appliance was in terrible condition.

Apart from the poor appearance and the tragic technical condition, it was built with elements that had long ceased to be used in modern appliances of this type. The coffee machine had gas-heated boilers and no electrical wiring. After the owner accepted our action plan, we immediately began the restoration process. At the customer’s request, we have preserved the original back cover of the coffee machine. It was sandblasted, soda-blasted and then repainted with the original Faema colors.

New edition of the coffee machine

After all the repairs and modifications made by our technical service, he machine works great. It could easily be ‘rehired’ to work in a cafe. We extend the lives of many used kitchen appliances every day. This is the mission of nenpo. When such wonderful specimens as this machine come to us, work becomes an exciting challenge and pure pleasure!

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