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We are changing the way people think about used industrial kitchen appliances
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nenpo’s mission

By renovating and restoring industrial kitchen equipment and fabrication, we can realistically reduce the negative impact of industrial production and slow down the process of environmental pollution. Together, we can reduce the amount of equipment and waste produced!

Together, we can do more

We help cafes and restaurants to grow according to the principles of the circular economy.


Our equipment and maintenance services support businesses all over Poland. Business owners from cities such as Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, Szczecin, Gdańsk and many others have put their trust in us.


Customers from countries such as Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia and many others appreciate the quality of our services.

Less waste in commercial kitchens

We help cafes and restaurants run their business in accordance with the ‘less waste’ concept, which aligns with the assumptions of the circular economy.

We work with the environment in mind

The circular economy is otherwise known as a closed-loop economy

The circular economy assumes that when a product breaks down, it should be repaired and reused. In addition, the waste generated during repair is significantly smaller than that generated during the production of new equipment. This way, we stop the unnecessary production of new goods. Used industrial kitchen equipment helps companies that want to be ecological and economical to care for the environment. Choose ‘less waste’ in your kitchen. Used equipment is just as efficient after being serviced yet cheaper and more ecological than a new one, provided we choose to work with brands producing equipment of the highest quality.

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Get to know our mission. Work with us and grow your business!

We focus on reliable, used industrial kitchen equipment.

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We extend equipment’s life

We repair and improve the highest quality used industrial kitchen equipment.

We reduce the risk of running your business

We help, advise and take care of businesses all over Poland.

We restore used appliances

Because we salvage and rescue used equipment, we can limit the production of new appliances.

Less waste in commercial kitchens - we act and help

Used appliances and the reuse of equipment are key to the circular economy.

They trusted us

We work with the best manufacturers and help to grow thousands of kitchens all around Poland.
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