Mazzer coffee grinder

Personalization of appliances


This appliance was part of a project created for a cafe located in Hala Koszyki and Hala Gwardii in Warsaw. The owners could not have landed a better team to work on this project. Looking at our inventory, they chose a used Mazzer Super Jolly grinder. When preparing the appliance, nenpo service technicians ensured that the grinder looked brand new. The goal was to surprise future owners with its appearance and unusual color.


Mazzer Super Jolly coffee grinder

Coffee grinder – repair service

As always, we started servicing the appliance by checking whether it operated properly. Next, the technicians replaced the motor bearings for quiet operation, evaluated all the switches and electrical wiring (for safety reasons) and checked the grinding blades for sharpness.

The grinding blades are the most critical part of the grinder. The appliance must be fully operational and look perfect! When servicing your appliances, we always eliminate any defects we find and replace worn parts. When the technical service is done, we can proceed to the customer’s individual wishes.

Customization of equipment for commercial kitchens

In the case of the Mazzer grinder, the unique look was obtained by varnishing the housing. We can also replace the regular grinding blades with reinforced or titanium blades at the customer’s request. We can also engrave the company’s logo on the mill’s hopper. All sorts of non-standard projects come our way. With us, anything is possible. Before the appliance leaves our service, we double-check it to confirm proper operation. Ensured quality is one of our core principles.

Make your cafe stand out!

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